2024 Swim Meet Information

Below are the swim meets that we plan on attending this year.  We may have a  meet with MOR like previous years but that is yet to be determined.  When detailed information about the meet is available you will be able to click on the meet name and to obtain more information about the meet.

Daily Workout for 04-28-2020

Our Zoom workout of the day.

Total28:30Block TimeTotal
small to large arm circles forward00:20
shake arms out00:10
small to large arm circles backward00:20
shake arms out00:10
pat your back00:20
90* front00:20
twist swing arms00:20
arms out turn liquid out00:20
soccer kick touch feet00:30
knees up touch w/ hands00:30
normal march00:30
march feet wide 00:30
kick bottom hands on hips00:30
kick bottom hands front and open00:30
Side bend hand to opposite foot00:30
knees up touch w/ hands00:30
reach up – side to side00:30
Toy soldier 00:20
Total Block Time07:1007:10
BLOCK 2 – Cardio Block – repeat 4
high knees or march use arms00:20
side to side skater or side step00:20
jumping jacks00:20
pop squat – turn to each side00:20
Total Block Time08:0015:10
BLOCK 3 – Strength – repeat 4
Bicycle alternate legs with arms00:20
high crunches00:20
flutter kick00:20
Total Block Time08:0023:10
BLOCK 4 – Flexibility Block
squat windmill – circle back and forward00:20
legs shoulder apart reach to R the side hand on leg00:20
legs shoulder apart reach to L the side hand on leg00:20
Shoulder stretch R & L00:20
Tricep Stretch R & L00:40
forward fold/ sway00:20
standing quad stretch R & L00:40
hurdler R & L00:40
Butterfly Stretch00:20
figure 4 R00:20
figure 4 L00:20
knee to chest R & L00:40
Total Block Time05:2028:30